Back at it again A.K.A Roundup 4

Hey Hi. Welcome Back. I’ve forgotten how to write. Shit. It’s been a minute. The last writing I actually released was in July. And to be honest I really haven’t done that other writing ether. I wish I could say I’ve been busy. I started a podcast with a good friend. But mostly its been a combo of anxiety and depression. Sometimes when I try to write I get so wound up on the quality or if it’s even worth it I can’t write. Other times it’s a struggle to get out of bed much less write. But I want to try to some more. I’ve found the best way to get me back into it are these little quick writings about various games I’ve been playing. So let’s get to it.

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Splatoon 2 paints its world in broad strokes.


Spoilers for Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC


Splatoon touches on past. In collectables in flavor dialogue. We learn there was an actually war where Octolings and Squids fought. Not over fashion but over land rights. We know the Octolings are running out of power so they steal the Zapfish and in its your characters job to retrieve them. What happens after you retrieve them? Who knows? You beat the short single player and now its onto the multiplayer. Single Player was never the main attraction to Splatoon for most. Until recently when the Octo Pass expansion released.

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Vacation all I ever Wanted. A.K.A Round 3

We had a rough year. Were getting through it. One day at a time. Some days are bad some days are ok. For me I’m doing ok today. I’m very lucky to be able to take a couple of days off of work in a row for the first time in a year? Probably a year. Last year it was because I couldn’t do anything but lie in bed. But I’m able to enjoy these days. And one of those is staving off the guilt of taking days off by writing about video games. So here it is.

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Still not dead. A.K.A Roundup 2

I’m Back. I’m Tired. To be honest a bit sad. But I’M BACK to writing. Because apparently if you do something everyday that’s how you become good at it. TO WHICH I ASK why am I so bad at living life then? Eh I’m sure if I keep at it one day I’ll be amazing at this living shit. Same with the writing.  So let’s get on with the show here’s some musings about some video games I’ve played.

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A Place Further then Friendship.


CW for bullying and just a downer of a blog.

Spoilers for the ending of M. Night Shyamalans Split and Episode 10 of A Place Further Than the Universe.

I think I don’t know what a friend is. I mean I called some people friends before. But still.. I’m not sure. Like ok this is not a bit. Let’s look up the definition of friend. “A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual of family relations.” The two words from that I keep going back to is mutual affection.

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I’m Playing Video Games I guess. a.k.a Roundup 1


It’s said if you want to get better at something to keep at it. Which honesty I don’t believe most days. Looking at people with skills far greater then I. It seems impossible to catch up to them.  And when I ask who they sold their soul to obtain the skills they have they say “No I just kept at it until people seemed to like my stuff.” Until they tell me where to meet the devil I guess I have to believe them.  Now I don’t have the energy today to write anything with a direct point. So here’s some mumblings that don’t deserve full on pieces.

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Game of the Year Number 2. Breath of the Wild

Whenever I think about the Hyrule presented in Breath of the Wild I feel melancholy. I don’t feel a sense of wonder or adventure. It feels like a world that has been in decay for a hundred years. You walk around and see towns in ruins. War machines covered with foliage. Shrines built by a previous civilization that mysterious disappeared. And people trying to make the best of a bad situation. I love it. Breath of the Wild is built for adventure but the backdrop for it feels so unique to me.

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