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OK 2017 was pretty good. For Video Games. Everything else was a burning trash fire outside of that one Randels by that apartment complex you only lived in for a few months before moving again. Then you drive by it years later, and for some reason old men with more money than you will ever have with vintage cars hang out in front of it…. But Video Games. Pretty Good. Like tradition calls I went to a Starbucks and ranked them between 1 through 10. Today though I’m going to talk about the games not in the top 10 list. Because good games sometimes come after the number 10.


  1. Yakuza 0


Yakuza 0 was robbed. It should be my Number 10 game of the year. But I’m Sorry Yakuza 0. I’m sorry I didn’t beat you this year. I loved what I played of you. I love the Yakuza series a lot. I love how you can go from serious to quirky at a drop of a hat. I love how each game featured the same map. But we can see how it changes over time. I’m sorry Yakuza 0. I forgot to save and I didn’t feel like replaying some parts again. I also burned myself out playing all of your wonderful side missions. I’ll come back to you.  Just not this year.

  1. Destiny 2

I ran around a map. I shot the mobs. I got the numbers up. It felt good. I’m going to come back probably for a good year and continue to get those numbers up. Destiny 2 you did well. You released the endorphin’s in my brain when I got the numbers up. You’re here if I need to chill out. I’m sorry though. Its 2017 you didn’t make the top 10 this year. Good job though.

  1. Splatoon 2

rMy favorite part of Splatoon 2 is the campaign. Yes I am in the 1%. Splatoon first campaign was a nice bonus. It was really short. The levels were simple but fun. A little repetitive but fun. It had some nice conversations between the cast I liked it. Splatoon 2 upped this. It added multiple weapons and designed levels around them. Every level had a different spin on the mechanics.   The levels were still short. But that just meant they were tight. I went back and replayed every level 8 time with each weapon.  I loved this campaign. The multiplayer on the other hand. It’s more Splatoon. Which is good. But also I could never get a stable connection. So kinda not your fault your this low but also it is. Great soundtrack though as always.

14. Fire Emblem Heroes

FIRE EMBLEM MHMHMDADADDADA. The Vocal theme plays on the download screen so it’s pretty good. Besides from it this game manages to transition the console franchise turned handheld franchise to phones. The game has limited maps and is only 4v4.  The bigger games sometimes turn into grinds. A game where what matters is who has the bigger number. What Heroes does it bring the weapon triangle back to the forefront I feel. Also because the matches are so short I really think about my moves much more carefully. By parsing down the maps and number of characters Heroes instead of spending 40 minutes on a level I spend 4 minutes. Which is exactly what I wanted apparently.

  1. Cuphead

I beat Cuphead 4 days  ago at the time of this writing. I kinda hate it. I think? I guess? I kinda liked it. I think? So yea its nice looking got that out of the way. The game feels great.*Shrugs* It feels like the best moments of Mega Man X. Without keeping the fun run and gun levels.  But the bosses are a mixed bag. *Shrugs* Some I love. Some I thought were tedious. Some were frustrating. *Shurgs*.  I don’t know. I couldn’t focus on anything else but beating it for 2 days so that says something. I was just kinda frustrated when I beat it. It messed up my sleep schedule. *Shrugs*.  What else is there to say? It’s *SHRUGS* Good Looking.


Just read Jacks piece it’s better than anything I’m ever going to write.


  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

I have 2 half written pieces of HZD. At the beginning of these pieces I was super excited to get writing. The possibilities of what they could be were endless. Then I noticed how I actually didn’t have that much to say. I just noticed I was kinda writing the same stuff in a loop. I had a good point or two. But it was mostly a lot of fluff.  Hopefully I can take the experience and do better the next time.

  1. Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone

I like a good simple rhythm game. No Fat. Make me press the button in time to the song. Hatsune Miku makes me slide the touch pad sometimes but besides from that its simple and clean. The only interaction I have with Miku is through these games, and I understand the appeal though them. It’s a bunch of fans creating very different songs through a couple voices. We have simple pop songs, some rock, and crazy stuff like the bottom link. Miku really does make a perfect subject for a Rhythm game.  You get a decent spread of songs. Also the music videos for the most part are really great. I don’t think I’ll ever go look for new Miku music. But I’ll continue to enjoy these games.

19. Injustice 2


Tom Taylors injustice comics are the best part thing to come out of Injustice. Now the obvious thing was to do make a comic darker in tone. Superman snapping necks left to right with Batman leading a small resistance group underground. But the Injustice comics are some of the funniest comics in recent years. But also some of the most sincere comics coming from DC and Marvel. It can go from Arcs of Superman becoming a Yellow Lantern. While also having Harley Quinn having an arc about getting over the Joker. And how she knew the relationship was toxic but she still loved him anyway. Harley Quinn and Batman are the heart of the Injustice comics and that’s amazing. About them finding family again. While having team ups with Detective Chimp. Superheroes can be good sometimes.

That’s why I was really excited when it was announced Tom Taylor was writing Injustices 2 story. And.. I wouldn’t have been able to tell a difference if I didn’t know beforehand. It’s better than 1’s. I understand it’s a game. It costs a lot more money to make cinematics and pay voice actors. But it was pretty boiler plate besides a couple of things. We still get some good Harley interactions. I could argue the center of the story is about Batman learning to trust again. Still though it’s alright. Just expecting more. Guess I’ll go read some comics. I guess.

20. Agents of MAYHEM

I’m a strong supporter of the Saints Row franchise. Those are games that are considered most with how much fun you’re having. Saints Row 4 is a game about how cool breaking a game is. Agents of Mayhem I think wants me to have fun. But I’m not really having any. The game doesn’t feel that great. The enemies in that game are bullet sponges. It’s not that fun to run around. I really hope they get to make a sequel though.

Saints Row 1 is rough. So rough that I never beat it. But they kept on working on it. They brought forward what was great about that game and improved. I see room for improvement in AoM. The interactions between characters are still fun. The basics of mobility are there. It’s a solid ground work for a great franchise. But for now. Bottom of the list you go.

That’s all folks. Tomorrow we begin talking about games in the actually top ten. I’m going to have to write more then a paragraph about a game so keep me in your thoughts. Were also going to have so other retrospectives going up to. Something for every other day of the month. WHY AM I DOING THIS. I don’t know. No one will read this. Unless I die unexpectedly and people comb through my stuff. To those people I have no money hidden away. To myself who I’m writing this for. Please have the next piece done in two days. Or else your going to embarrass yourself to yourself. Good night.

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