Game of the Year Number 7. Danganronpa v3


Dear Friend theirs spoilers for every Danganrnopa game here.


I beat Danganrnopa V3 awhile ago. It’s only starting to sit with me. I’m probably going to be unsure about my feelings on it for awhile. So I decide to write you this letter. Get my thoughts straight. I think you like these games right? I don’t know. Anyway I was doing pretty bad the night I beat this game. So of course I decided to beat the murder teen game. I thought it was a good idea. It always ends with pretty nice power of friendship saves the day moments. If only everything could end that way. It’s a classic staple Anime ending. You know why? Its always great. My expectations on what that ending was wrong though.. Like really wrong. I actually don’t know if you beat the game yet. We haven’t been keeping up recently. Here I’ll write about the game as a whole in case you haven’t.

You know how when I was playing Danganrnopa 2. I started to make these predictions. I just got off playing the first one.  I knew how the game was structured. Where it placed its red herrings. When it was foreshadowing.  I had its number. Of course I was wrong about some stuff. But I got stuff right also.  So where I’m going with this is that I went into V3 ready. I knew its bag of tricks.

This time though. Danganrnopa was ready. It knew that I knew its bag of tricks. It still was a Danganrnopa game. But it subverted a lot of things. Not always in big ways. But little subversion’s in that whole game.  Here’s a little subversion that happens in case 3 in case you don’t want to know. So bang. Someone dies oh no shit happens. You start to investigate. Bang. Another murder mid investigation. Its a game changer. The game knows what it’s doing. It call upon Monkuma. Who is as surprised as the player and characters. There’s no rules for this.  The game knows it’s in uncharted territory. The case itself just becomes two smaller murder cases. Still it’s a moment where your mind goes blank.

The game constantly does this. I feel like Danganrnopa ½ had twists. Like the one where the earth is already messed up. Danganrnopa 3 has some big broad twists like that. It has the biggest twist. But it has more subversions. Less oh shit more hmmmmmmmm moments. Which I find way more interesting. I have no idea if this was intentional there’s one guy.  Whole game every time a Case started I thought he was the killer. He was the most obvious character that would betray your feelings. There’s something way more interesting that goes on with that guy.
Besides from that it’s another Danganrnopa game. It’s Anime as fuck and unashamed. For all the good and bad that comes with that.  The cases are pretty good. The 5th case is probably my favorite in the series. It’s horny but those no character like the nurse in 2 so it’s a bit better than the previous. I feel like it has the most rounded cast of characters. There’s only one character in v3 thats bad. Every other character gets at least one good beat. Like there’s multiple character arcs. Which Danganrnopa really hasn’t done? Also it’s not like I’m praising it for trying to have character arcs and failing there really good arcs. End of the day. It’s a Danganrnopa game. It’s the best one easy. Now let’s talk about the crazy shit that happens at the end of the game.

I’m spoiling the game after this image so you better stop reading if you don’t want to know. Also if you think it’s not a big deal. Play the game. It goes to some amazing places.



Ok Ok Ok OK. Every game has actually been a part of a reality show. I know at the very end they give a way to maybe reverse this. I hope they don’t. Because the idea that Danganrnopa in universe has all been fake is really good. Also the reality show angle is much more interesting then saying it has all been a video game.  Something messed up has happen in universe where we need 53 seasons of kids killing each other.

Of course though the lesson here is why we enjoy teenagers kill each other. The answer is more interesting then humanity just likes blood. Actually that is a part of the answer but it adds a bit more.  It’s that we get enjoy seeing hope overcome despair.  We don’t get enjoyment out of act of killing by itself we get enjoyment out of killing with retribution and a lesion being learned.

So how does the player win? The answer is not to play. I’m going to back to my mood when I beat it. That night I really could use hope overcoming. I really didn’t need a game that answer is the best way to win is to not to play. I really didn’t like it that night I beat it. I’ve come to like it. Its answer is to not give the audience any blood.  Which is a fitting end for the franchise I hope?

Danganrnopa 3 clearly wants to be the final game of the series. It ends with the players defeating the audience surrogate in Kebbo.  The ahoge reveal of Kebbo is amazing. LIKE YOU WERE NEVER THE MAIN CHARACTER. Fuck. Of course the way the audience was controlling him was though his ahoge. Because every MC of Danganrnopa has one of those. It was the reveal of Shuichi having one those.  But Kebbo has had on the whole time. So of course he was the main character. I just noticed he is the actually center of the box art and the first teaser image featured him in the center. ITS GOOD. GOOD GAME.

I think I got most of it after my system. Himeko is a good girl. Case 5 is the all-time greatest Danganrnopa case ever. Mono-dam should be forgiven. I really hope they never make another one of these games ever. It so clearly wants to be the final one. It also deserves to be.






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