Back at it again A.K.A Roundup 4

Hey Hi. Welcome Back. I’ve forgotten how to write. Shit. It’s been a minute. The last writing I actually released was in July. And to be honest I really haven’t done that other writing ether. I wish I could say I’ve been busy. I started a podcast with a good friend. But mostly its been a combo of anxiety and depression. Sometimes when I try to write I get so wound up on the quality or if it’s even worth it I can’t write. Other times it’s a struggle to get out of bed much less write. But I want to try to some more. I’ve found the best way to get me back into it are these little quick writings about various games I’ve been playing. So let’s get to it.

Yakuza 6


Kamurocho is my favorite city in any game. Maybe my favorite world in a game. I love exploring Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. I Spent hours just driving around in Mafia 3 because I found it relaxing. But Kamurocho it feels like I belong there. Kiryu in those games is just another person.  This is also helped by how small Kamurocho is compared to every other open world game. And how I’ve now played 7 games that uses the same layout pretty much with some changes. But some things never change. Which is a reason why it sticks to me. For a long time I wanted to do a photo diary of all the Yakuza games. Hopefully I’ll get around to that soon. (Quick aside this is why I like going into these roundups with the mindset of these not being big pieces because it helps me relax and I keep on writing.)

But I don’t want to focus on Kamurocho today even though I just spent a paragraph doing it. I really ended up liking Yakuza 6 despite it probably being the biggest step back for the franchise in some ways. This is the first Yakuza game since I think 3 to use a new engine.  Which by my count they used that engine to make 7 Yakuza games? Which is a lot. They improved on it each time. Yakuza 0 ended up having 10 different combat styles. But this is a new engine which means going back and having to remake alot of stuff. This game only has one combat style. They introduce a new block mechanic which kinda doesn’t work. They scale down how much there is to do around the city by a significant amount.  The funniest thing to me there’s this one street that’s been in every Yakuza game that’s just closed off in this game for construction. I thought it was going to be a big plot point but nope lol.

Substories are still here.  Which are still amazing. Kiryu just getting caught up in a bunch of fun hijinks with citizens of Kamurocho.  Kiryu learns to Kabdeon, becomes a mascot, and gets scammed multiple times. While most games would try to be as light on dialogue as they can Yakuza leans into it. I have fun with the fighting but your there for the small stories. Yakuza also just lets those stories be as wacky as they can think of. In a fun way not like in a Rockstar gross wacky way. I wish more games would have more fun with its side-quests. Spider-Man was closer to it then most games. With Peter helping out citizens who wave him down. But there’s not a lot of them, and I just don’t like that game tbh.

I’m going on to long if this segment gets longer then I would feel the need to split it into its own thing, and to be honest I don’t think I’m saying anything here that warrants that. My quick thoughts on the story was. I liked it a lot despite maybe being the most on it as it was going. The Hiroshima crew was fun. I wish more older characters were in the story but it was nice.





Why do people like Shenmue? I mean I like Shenmue so far but why?? It kinda sucks???  I think I understand why it was an important game for its time. But I don’t get why people still care. Like enough for people to go nuts over Shenmue 3. Which ok my guess is that people talked about it enough to make everyone think they wanted it. I don’t know. Anyway. I’m liking Shenmue one. I keep a book next to me to read if I ever need to wait 30 minutes for a tattoo parlor to open. You know Shenmue things.

2 of my favorite games I’ve played this year are Attack of the Friday monsters and Tacoma. Two games I loved for having environments that I can explore and get to know. Sure I only wrote two articles about it but I had thought of a series where I write about spaces I love. So Shenmue a game where you walk around a small town to ask people about a man name Lan-Di seemed like it would be for me. And yea for the most part. I think I’m going to finish Shenmue. But my biggest issue is all you can do is ask about the man named Lan-Di who killed your farther.

You can talk to anyone in Shenmue. A lot of them will say I’m to tired today try again later. But most have something to say. But all Ryo does is ask the same question for whatever part of the game you’re at. Its cool that there’s different paths to find answers. Or you can accidently skip a part of your quest and stumble upon the answer you’re looking for.  It makes the world seem alive but Ryo to be the one stuck in a rut. Which you can read into as his one track mind for revenge. But it’s frustrating.

The kids at the capsule machine. I don’t know why Ryo is asking them about the 3 blades. I want to talk to them about their favorite capsules. Maybe the Bikers would like Ryo more if he stopped asking questions, and talked to them about their favorite arcade games. I would like to know how Tom came to be dancing in front of a hot dog van.  I know this is all wishful thinking. I’m sure it wasn’t even possible to do or would have taken so much extra work. This is just wishful thinking. Shenmue has such a lovely space that I wish I could be a part of more.



Final Fantasy 14

I started playing Final Fantasy 14 again. I never got far. I’m only level 17 right now. To be honest I don’t know what I’m doing. But its relaxing. I don’t know what I want out of it besides that really. I think it would be cool to get my character (Harper Nightly) a lot of cool outfits. Besides that. I’m not sure. But it has me thinking about MMOs as a genre again.

I think there’s no such thing as the ultimate game. Everyone likes different things when it comes to games. I don’t think it’s possible to create a game that appeals to everyone and it shouldn’t be that way. But when people talk about “The Ultimate Game” or they create one for other media. It’s usually an MMO. Which is kinda boring at this point, but I get it. MMOs are the closest we have made a game that resembles real life.  Or the version of life that people like to think is true in a capitalist society.

We all start off the same. Then if we work hard enough we can be successful. Which I’m not going into that more. I’m sure there’s like a book about it. But that’s what an MMO is. You do enough odd jobs you can buy a giant mansion and some sick clothes. I guess the other reason it’s the ultimate genre is that its interconnected with people. Like no one can imagine the ultimate game not being with other people. Which sucks. I just want to watch Mario Party Party again and see the bar at the bottom go up. MMOs to me right now are a solitary thing. That’s how it’ll probably be.

I’m curious when the next big MMO will come if it even comes. Like Blizzard which to me is a company that just has infinite money had to cancel an MMO. I don’t know how you can make a MMO today that will get people who don’t play MMOs in.  FF14 has been the closest but they had to relaunch the whole game because first time around it was so bad. I’m not sure with how awful the industry today any developer could make an MMO with the purpose of being the next World of Warcraft. They game industry is on the verge of collapse.  I’m afraid of what the development team would have to go through to make the new WoW.  I’m trying to figure out how to end this but this is my relax writing. I don’t need to think of a good way to end this. New MMOs are fucked and should stay that way.


Well. I wrote a thing. Thanks to those who read this. I would like to say I’m flooded with ideas to write. But nope lol. But I’m going to try and get better at practicing writing. Because I keep reminding myself. You have to do it to get better. Even though that’s bullshit. Bye.










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