Game of the Year Number 10. PREY

Spoilers for Prey 2017 not 2006.

One of my favorite things in Prey is the morality system. Now players Prey Twenty-Seventeen are probably thinking. “Prey doesn’t have a morality system.” Too which I say. Prey wants to make you think there’s no morality system. And that’s why it’s one of my favorite things in it. I like to think video games are getting better with morality systems. Hopefully were past the days where its ether picking red or blue. Not to say Prey is the end all be all or the greatest system to date. But it’s a nice step.

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Game of the Year Best of the Rest


OK 2017 was pretty good. For Video Games. Everything else was a burning trash fire outside of that one Randels by that apartment complex you only lived in for a few months before moving again. Then you drive by it years later, and for some reason old men with more money than you will ever have with vintage cars hang out in front of it…. But Video Games. Pretty Good. Like tradition calls I went to a Starbucks and ranked them between 1 through 10. Today though I’m going to talk about the games not in the top 10 list. Because good games sometimes come after the number 10.

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People talking about NieR consumed my every waking thought.

I’m pacing around my room again. It’s the third time this week. Today its the Giant Bombcast. Someone’s confused about NieR Automata. I’m in shambles. I’m speaking softly but angrily to myself. “There’s only 5 endings that mater the rest are joke endings. Its more like routes” They don’t hear me. It’s the third time this week that no one responded to my silent screams. NieR Automata just came out in the U.S. Websites are starting to talk about it. It’s always one person trying to explain a game they haven’t beat to people who are confused about some aspect of it. It’s driving me up a wall I’m going to take a walk, and try not to be mad about people talking about video games.  I won’t

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Blazkowicz Farther and Son

Content warning for Violence and Abuse

Also Spoilers for the first half of Wolfenstein 2

Wolfenstein The New Colossus is a game about fighting back. It’s about being kicked to the ground multiple times then standing back up and taking another swing at a monster twice your size. The first person you fight back against is actually twice your size. Wolfenstein 2 includes a number of flashbacks in it. BJs dad bursts into the room ready to beat you again in one of the first ones. This time for befriending a black girl. But it’s always something isn’t it. BJ mom stands up for him this time though, but quickly gets knocked out. Your dog then gets kicked against the wall for defending her. The game then gives a young BJ a chance to fight back. BJ throws whatever he can find at his dad. He swats them away like its nothing even taunting you. He catches you and starts to choke BJ. As he chokes BJ you do get a chance to hit back. It’s just a scratch though it doesn’t change anything. The end result is still the same you, your mom, and the family dog on the ground. The flashbacks with BJ’s dad only get worse from there. Besides for one moment though.

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A look at the wonderful Tokyo Drifter

Tokyo Drifter is a film directed by the Seijun Suzki who passed away in March. Released in 1966 under the Nikatsu Corporation. The film was Suzki’s thirty ninth film under Nikatsu. Drifter was the second to last film before being fired by Nikatsu and subsequent blacklisting from the industry for ten years. Tokyo Drifter visual style and story are considered ahead of its time. Tokyo Drifter’s legacy may not be directly seen that often, but it’s felt through cinema after its release.

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